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Dr. Ajay Kumar Sharma

Assistant Professor , Geography

Full Name

Dr. Ajay Kumar Sharma




Assistant Professor , Geography

Career Profile
Teaching experience in years Area of specialisation
38 years Teaching : U.g-35 yrs.
                    P.g - 05 yrs
Research : Agriculture Geography.
Research Guidance : M.Phil./Ph.D. /D.Sc. /D.Litt.
Name of Research Scholor Registration No. & Date Topic of Research Work Present Status(No. of Ph.D. awarded / ongoing)
Lata Kumari B/1314/21 Date-30-07-2021 राँची जिला में कृषि विकाश का अस्तर एक भौगोलिक अध्ययन Ongoing
Chanchal Kumari Applied on 07.03.2022 गुमला जिला में नगरीकरण एक भौगोलिक अध्ययन Ongoing
Amit Kumar Applied on 23.09.2022 Problems and Prospects of irrigation in Bokaro District:A Geographical Analysis. Ongoing
Muskesh kr. Das Applied on 23-09-2022 हज़ारीबाग़ जिला में कृषि का विकाश Ongoing
Rajesh Ghosh Applied on 20-10-2022 Water and Water supply management :A case study of gumla District. Ongoing
Khundu Paul Applied on 23-09-2022 Growth and Explanation of slum and its impact on regional economy of hawarh sadar west Begal. Ongoing
Shna kr. Arya Applied on 23-09-2022 Trends of Migration in gumla District : A Geographical Analysis. Ongoing
Number of Research papers published in Journals/Periodical
Title with page Nos. ISSN Name of Journal Date of Publication
बक्सर पशु धन का सकलेट क्रांति समस्याएँ एवं समाधान 0973-3914 Research General of Social and life Science Rewa (M.P) September 2019 vol-xxix-II
राँची जिला संभाग में कृषि विकाश में पर्देशित असंतुलन तथा उससे दूर करने के उपाए का एक अध्ययन 0433-4515 Geographical out look Ranchi University Geographical Council Univ.Dept. of Geography R.U.R Vol-xxx
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