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Ranchi University has a central library having more than 90000 text books, 10000 reference books and 350 Ph.D theses. Students, research scholars and teachers use these materials in its calm, comforting and serene atmosphere. With the introduction of fully operational INFLIBNET facility (connected through dedicated lease line to INFLIBNET Centre, Ahmadabad) the utility of central library has increased many fold. Several thousands e-journals are thus made available which will immensely help research scholars, students and teachers. As far as extending this facility to other units is concerned this will act as a central hub. Connectivity has already been extended to Ranchi College and very soon all university departments and ASC will have this facility. Considering its importance its working hour has been extended upto 8pm.

Automation of the library has been completed
• Connected to INFLIBNET, Ahmedabad, through dedicated Lease Line(1Gbps) with 25 thin client computer.
• Online access to more than 4200 international and national journals
• Reprographic facility available


http:// www.inflibnet.ac.in

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