Online Teaching

                                                                 Online Platforms for Teaching

Online Platforms for Teaching:

To provide learning support to students, Google Services are integrated with our RU domain, including our mails etc. Two of their major apps viz. Google Classes and Google Hangout /Google meet & Microsoft teams have been integrated. All of us can use these services to teach the students.

Following are the links of user guides for basic know how and to conduct classes online.

Google Classroom User Guide. & Google Hangouts Tutorial/Google meet.

There are many video based collaboration services available e.g. webex , Zoom, Google meet, Loom, Skype etc. Google has both the component and it is free for education. Please use following link to proceed:

Please use the following:

1. Google Classroom: It works like LMS (learning management system), you can share any type of document (doc, ppt, pdf etc.), create assignments, share links, conduct online test (assessment). You can create multiple classes as per your requirement. :

2. Hangout/Google meet: This service is for the live video interaction with your students. You can run this along with the google classroom or as per your requirement and convenience. Here also you can share multiple things (including your laptop/mobile screen) with your students along with your live video.  :

3. Download Microsoft Teams   &  Microsoft authenticator

4.     You tube