University Directory

Sl.No. Name Offices Mobile Phone No.(Office) Email
1 Dr. Ajit Kumar Sinha Vice-Chancellor 0651-2205177
2 Pro-Vice-Chancellor 0651-2207986
3 Financial Advisor
4 Prof(Dr.) S.K.Sahu Dean, Student's Welfare 9934140129
5 Dr. Mukund Chandra Mehta Proctor
6 Dr. P.K.Jha C.C.D.C 9431171166
7 Sri. Binod Narayan Registrar, Ranchi University 0651-2214077
8 Dr. Jyoti Prakash Finance Officer
9 Dr. Ashish Kumar Jha Controller of Examination 9835362980 0651-2204544
10 Prof(Dr.) S.K.Sahu Director, HRDC 9431100060
11 Dr. Nayni Saxena Director, Computer Centre
12 Dr. S.K. Sahu Director, IQAC
13 Director, ASTRC
14 Chairman-cum-Liason Officer SC/ST Cell
15 Public Information Officer 0651-2200965
16 Dr. Hari Oraon Development officer 9334907447
17 Dr. Pritam Kumar Deputy Registrar - I 9835353498 0651-2212527
18 Sri Ajay Lakra Deputy Registrar - II
19 Co-ordinator, Vocational Studies
20 Dr. B.K. Mishra Co-ordinator, N.S.S.
21 Dr. S.K. Karn Assistant Librarian,Central Library 9431104313
22 Sri Ashok Singh Director,MPEH 9431577652

Deans / H.O.D.

Sl.No. Name Office / Department Address Mobile Phone No.(Office) Email
1 Dr. Madhumita Das Gupta Dean, Faculty of Social Science
2 Dr. Archana Kr. Dubey Dean, Faculty of Humanities
3 Dr. S.K. Dey Dean, Faculty of Science
4 Dr. Ajay Kr. Chattoraj Dean, Faculty of Commerce
5 Dr. Pankaj Chaturvedi Dean, Faculty of Law
6 Dr.P.P.Chattopadhyay Dean Faculty of Engineering
7 Dr. Vivek Kashyap Dean, Faculty of Medicine
8 Dean, Faculty of Education
9 Dr. Sujata Singh Head, Univ. Deptt. of History
10 Dr. Madhumita Das Gupta Head, Univ. Deptt. of Economics
11 Head, Univ. Deptt. of Pol.Science
12 Head, Univ. Deptt. of Geography
13 Dr. Zeeba Head, Univ. Deptt. of Psychology
14 Dr. Dinesh Kumar Head, Univ. Deptt. of Anthropology
15 Dr. Mithilesh Kumar Head, Univ. Deptt of Sociology
16 Dr.Hira Nand Prasad Head, Univ. Deptt. of Hindi
17 Head, Univ. Deptt. of English
18 Dr.Archana Kr. Dubey Head, Univ. Deptt. of Sanskrit
19 Dr. Nivedita Sen Head, Univ. Deptt. of Bengali
20 Dr. Hari Oraon Head, Univ. Deptt. of T & RL
21 Dr. R. Parween Head, Univ. Deptt. of Urdu
22 Dr. Usha Kiran Head, Univ. Deptt. of Philosophy
23 Dr. S.K. Dey Head, Univ. Deptt. of Physics
24 Dr. A.K. Delta Head, Univ. Deptt. of Chemistry
25 Dr. Asha Lata Keshri Head, Univ. Deptt. of Mathematics 9835325854
26 Prof(Dr.)Kunul Kandir Head, Univ. Deptt. of Botany 9431100060
27 Dr. Bandana Kumari Head, Univ. Deptt. of Zoology
28 Dr. C.P. Mahto Head, Univ. Deptt. of Geology
29 Dr. Ajay Kr. Chattoraj Head, Univ. Deptt. of Com.& Buss. Managemant 9934140129
30 Dr.V.S.Tiwari Director, MBA, Ranchi Unversity 9431105911
31 Dr. Shipra Kumari Head, Univ. Deptt. of Home Science
32 Director, Deptt. of Jurnalisam and Mass Comm. 0651-2233741

Principals / Prof. Incharge of Constituent Colleges

SL. No Principal / Prof. incharge Name College Name Email
1 Dr. Supriya Principal, Ranchi Women’s College, Ranchi
2 Dr. Manoj Kumar Principal, Marwari College, Ranchi
3 Dr. B.P. Verma Principal Doranda College, Doranda, Ranchi
4 Principal S.S.Memorial College
5 Dr. J.P. Singh Principal, R.L.S.Y. College , Ranchi
6 Principal , J. N. College, Dhurwa, Ranchi
7 Dr K.K.Poddar Prof. Incharge, B. N. Jalan College, Sisai
8 MRS. G.K.Kiro Principal , Birsa College, Khunti
9 Dr. Birbal Nag Principal, Simdega College, Simdega
10 Prof. Incharge, B. S. College, Lohardaga
11 Smt. Indira Kumari Prof. Incharge, Mandar College, Ranchi
12 Dr. Raja Ajit Kumar Prof In-Charge, K.C.B. College, Bero
13 Dr Arun Kumar P. P. K. College, Bundu
14 Mr. Amar Jyoti Xalxo Prof In-Charge, K.O.College, Gumla
15 Degree Standard Women's College,Khunti
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