Institutional Distinctiveness

Institutional Distinctiveness


Embracing diversity and heritage, Ranchi University proudly establishes Faculty of Tribal and Regional Languages pledging to safeguard region’s culture & linguistic legacies, fostering inclusivity and heterogeneity in our ever-evolving global community

विविधता और विरासत को अपनाते हुए, रांची विश्वविद्यालय ने क्षेत्र की संस्कृति और भाषाई विरासत की रक्षा करने और हमारे निरंतर विकसित हो रहे वैश्विक समुदाय में समावेशिता और विषमरुपता को बढ़ावा देने का वचन देते हुए गर्व से जन-जातीय और क्षेत्रीय भाषा संकाय की स्थापना की है।

Jharkhand - the land of forest consists of 32 tribes inhabiting in the various districts of the state and as per the 2001 census constitute 26.3% of the total population. As per the Fifth Schedule to the constitution of India, 15 districts of Jharkhand have been declared as the fifth Schedule Areas. One of the most significant issues that the State is confronted with since its inception in 2000, is providing a world-class education to indigenous students. The literacy rate among the tribes in Jharkhand is much lower than the literacy rate among all scheduled tribes at the national level. The major challenges being reaching out to the students of rural areas and difficulty in comprehending the language of instruction which is generally in a non-tribal language.

The state of Jharkhand has multidimensional cultural heritage with tribal language holding immense importance in the field of humanities. Jharkhand has Nagpuri, Mundari, Kurukh, Kurmali, Kharia, Khorta, Panchpargania, Santhali and Ho as the main tribal & regional languages. These languages are the basis of the cultural heritage of the state, therefore, development and research on these languages hold immense importance. Hence, it is necessary to develop an international-level institution in the state for teaching and learning of these languages.

Ranchi University takes pride in quoting that Higher and Technical Education, Govt. of Jharkhand through its notification Sankalp 4/ p.1-03/2018 559 dated 8.3.2019 proposed to develop the TRL Department of Ranchi university and establish it as a” Centre of Excellence”. The Sankalp resolved that along with teaching & research on the tribal languages of Jharkhand the TRL Dept. will work for the preservance and development of these languages and thus the tribal heritage of Jharkhand. In pursuance of the Sankalp notification Ranchi university established a separate Faculty of the Tribal and Regional Language with nine different departments of TRL which is the first of its types for Indigenous language in India, thus providing an academic platform for local tribal language & knowledge system and also sustaining rich cultural heritage of the Tribal State of Jharkhand.

The department offers postgraduate teaching and Ph.D in Nagpuri, Mundari, Kurukh, Kurmali, Kharia, Khorta, Panchpargania, Santhali and Ho. Each of these language department have a separate Head of Department(s). The department has the credit of developing / framing syllabi and teaching materials in the languages mentioned above. These teaching materials of the tribal languages are finding their way into the corridors of school teaching too, thus breaking the barriers of language constraint as medium of instruction in educational institutions in Jharkhand.

It is a matter of pride that the TRL Department, RU is producing the maximum no. of JRFs and Ph.D.s in Ranchi university well equipped with language and literature of the nine TR Languages. This has created a large manpower specialized in Tribal Languages which may be eventually deployed at various levels for further its expansion and enrichment and generating employment also.

Department of Education, Govt.of Jharkhand has initiated strategies for the development and promotion of tribal and regional languages at the primary school level to maintain linguistic diversity in the state and making medium of instruction reachable., The state government has decided to include tribal and regional languages in the curriculum of classes 1 to 5 in primary schools, For this initiative , expert teachers of TRL need to be appointed .

According to National Education Policy 2020, if children up to class 3 are taught in their own mother tongue, they will not only develop better understanding but will also increase their attendance in schools. Post Graduate students of TRL department undergoing B.Ed programme across the state are now opting for TRL courses as their Pedagogy subject, which was quite rare earlier keeping in view lack of teaching materials. These B.Ed trainees well equipped with all the different TR Languages are all set to enter the classrooms of primary schools in line with state Govt. initiative for subject experts. Apart from fetching jobs for these TRL students , RU is successfully conserving & sustaining the rich cultural heritage of the different tribes of Jharkhand.

The TRL department has an open theatre “ AKHRA” where local tribal festivals like Sarhul & Karma are celebrated with happiness and harmony. Cultural performances on various themes like unsung tribal heroes, Azadi ki Gatha, folk dances and food festivals are a regular phenomenon. These initiatives of our TRl Department not only sensitize the tribal youth about their rich tradition & cultural heritage but also enable them to preserve the endangered tribal cultural practices for academic study, community reference and future revival efforts.

Manusmriti the Alumni Association of the TRL departments is meeting regularly, strengthening the rich indigenous platform by providing mentorship and playing a pivotal role in revitalizing and disseminating of tribal knowledge.

“Adivasi heritage is a tapestry woven with threads of resilience, wisdom, and cultural diversity that enrich the fabric of our nation.”

Faculty of Tribal and Regional Languages

The Faculty was established in 2021 to preserve the rich cultural traditions of Scheduled Tribes and others communities inhabiting this part of the country. This initiative invigorated the Tribal & Regional Languages giving it a new lease of life. The department at present offers Post Graduate teaching in nine languages, Nagpuri, Mundari, Kurukh, Kurmali, Kharia, Khortha, Panchparagania, Santhali and Ho. The Department has the credit of developing syllabi and teaching materials in the languages mentioned above.

  • 1. University Department of Kurukh

  • 2. University Department of Mundari

  • 3. University Department of Santali

  • 4. University Department of Ho

  • 5. University Department of Kharia

  • 6. University Department of Nagpuri

  • 7. University Department of Kurmali

  • 8. University Department of Khortha

  • 9. University Department of Panchpargania

Special Papers taught: 1. Language and Literature 2. Austric Language family (Santhali, Mundari, Ho, Kharia) 3. Aryan Language family (Nagpur, Kurmali, Panchpargania, Khortha) 4 Dravidian Language family (Kurux).

Thrust Area of Research: Language & Literature. Research Fellowship: UGC JRF/Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship/RU/INSPIRE-145.

  1. Copy of the Notification for the Constitution of Separate Faculty of TRL
  2. Approval Letter from Highter and Technical Education, Government of Jharkhand, to establish TRL as Centre of Excellence
  3. Copy of the resolution passed in the Academic Council and approved in the Syndicate Council to establish TRL as nine (09) separate Departments
Inauguration of the new building of Faculty of Tribal and Regional Language by Her Excellency Smt. Draupadi Murmu, the then Hon’ble Governor cum Chancellor of Universities of Jharkhand.
Faculty of TRL with Nine (09) Departmental Heads, Vice Chancellor and Registrar of the University with the Hon’ble Governor of the State of Jharkhand at the newly constructed building
Conclave of Academic and Cultural activities in Tribal and Regional Languages
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