Research Council
Departmental Research Committee (DRC) and Post-Graduate Research Council (PGRC)

1. Any proposal for research leading to Ph. D./ D.Sc. / D.Litt. is monitored by the two committees as below:

Department Research Committee (DRC):

Every Department has this Committee. The Head of the Department is the Chairman with four teachers as its members. This committee examines the proposed synopsis submitted by a candidate. Each member goes through the proposed synopsis separately and submits his comments to the DRC, where it is discussed in detail. On the basis of the report the DRC may decide to accept the proposal, or ask the candidate to revise the synopsis, or it is rejected. On recommendation of the DRC a date is fixed for Pre-Registration Seminar, where the candidate is asked to present his research proposal. This is open Seminar where faculty members and research scholars participate. If in this seminar, the proposal is accepted, then the proposal is forwarded to the University by the DRC through Dean of the concerned faculty. The Dean also goes through the proposal, and if found suitable forwards it to Post-Graduate Research Council (PGRC) of the University.

PGRC is highest research body of the University chaired by the Vice- Chancellor. The members are the Deans, Heads of Concerned Faculty, all Professors and Readers of the concerned faculty etc. Here, each proposal is examined in detail and thorough discussion on the proposal is made. Only when PGRC approves the proposal, the candidate is registered for PhD degree on the approved topic.

Once the Research Scholar starts the research work the DRC monitors it regularly. On the completion of the research work the Scholar submits his Draft Thesis for Pre-Submission Seminar where it is scrutinized by the DRC. Any suggestions/ recommendations of DRC for correction or modification in the draft thesis have to be complied by the Scholar before submitting the final thesis for evaluation.

2. The DRC also monitors the UGC Major /Minor research projects and all other research projects of the department regularly during their tenure. The University encourages the faculty members in Constituent and affiliated colleges to conduct research. They are advised to submit Minor and Major research projects to UGC, ICSSR, and other funding agencies. The research projects and research publications are considered when promotion is due. The university does not differentiate between university departments and affiliated / Constituent College so far the research is concerned.

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