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Women's Grievance Redressal Cell (Internal Committee)
Sl.No. Name Address Designation
1 Dr. Anita Mehta University Department of Botany,
Ranchi University Ranchi
Presiding Officer
2 Dr. Smriti Singh University Department of Chemistry,
Ranchi University Ranchi
3 Dr. Sumit Kumar Dey University Department of English,
Ranchi University Ranchi
4 Dr. Deepali Aprajita Dungdung University Department of Sociology,
Ranchi University Ranchi
5 Dr. Meena Sahay Member, Inner Wheel Club of Ranchi South External, Member
6 Ms. Susmita Kindo Research Scholar Member (Student)
7 Mr. Jitendra Kumar M.A. Student Member (Student)
8 Dr. Alok Kumar Thakur Planning Section, Ranchi University Ranchi Member (Non Teaching)
9 Ms. Philomeena Kachhap University Department of Botany,
Ranchi University Ranchi
Member (Non Teaching)
Toll free Number: 18003457064

W.G.R.C. was working with the objective of redressing the grievances of the female teaching and non-teaching staff and students. In 1997, the Hon’ble Supreme Court in the case of Vishakha and others vs. State of Rajasthan, had recognised and addressed the issue of sexual harassment at the workplace. The judgment created mandatory sexual harassment prevention guidelines for the workplace, applicable all over India. The knowledge and information about it can lead to a workplace free of sexual harassment for all persons.

The Cell was dealing with the cases/complaints of sexual harassment and any other type of harassment of the female students, teaching and non-teaching staff insidethe colleges and University. The Cell has been processing all the individual complaints and taking suitable action in the manner of UGC guideline. Besides this, several gender sensitization programmes such as meetings, seminars, workshops, rallies etc. were being organized inside the girls’ colleges and hostels of the University.University Grants Commission believes that a safe and healthy environment for women students and employees on the campus of HEIs (Higher Education Institutes) is a necessary precondition to quality education and research. The key lies in institutionalizing the best practices and standard operating that can substantively deal with women related issues on the campuses. Hence, on 6th February 2021 an Internal Committee (I.C.) was reconstituted as per UGC (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal of sexual harassment of women employees and students in HEIs regulation-2015. It will work as a task force to monitor gender equality and security in the campus of colleges, P.G. Departments and office of the Ranchi University. The Internal Committee (IC), Ranchi University is constituted with the following Seven members as per Gazette of India, Extraordinary, New Delhi, 2nd May 2016.

Seven Members

Presiding Officer : Dr. Anita Mehta, University Department of Botany,Ranchi University Ranchi

External Member : Dr. Meena Sahay, Member, Inner Wheel Club of Ranchi, South.

Members : Dr. Smriti Singh, Member, Assistant Professor, University Department of Chemistry, Dr. Sumit Kumar Dey, Assistant Professor, University Department of English, Dr. Deepali Aprajita Dundung,University Department of Sociology, Dr. Alok Kumar Thakur, Plannig Section, Member (Non-teaching), Ms. Philomeena Kachhap,University Department of Botany, Member (Non-teaching).

Working modality of the Cell:

  1. The complainant will have to submit a written and signed complain addressed to the Presiding officer of the committee.
  2. The counsellor will call the complainant for a personal meeting, usually within a week from the submission of the written complaint.
  3. The members of the Cell will discuss the complaint.
  4. If the case falls outside the purview of the Cell, the complainant will be informed about the same by the appropriate authority.
  5. If the case comes under the preview of the Cell, an enquiry committee will be set up.

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