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Dr. Ajay Kumar Singh




Associate Professor



Details of Academic Membership / Association
Types of Membership (Life Membership / Annual)
Life membership
Refresher Course Details
Name of the FIP / Refresher course/ FDP/ Orientation Program/ Summer / Winter School Details Number of the Course Duration of the above Course Name of the HRDC
Orientation program 1 15/03/2001-11/04/2001 Ranchi University
Refresher course 3 Ranchi University
Publication: Research Paper/Chapter in a Book/ Book (Year wise for last 5 years only (2018 to 2023))
Year of the publication Authors details (First author, corresponding, co-author) Name of the journal with ISSN / ISBN and DOI Title of the paper Impact factor Type of Paper
2021 SELF Journal for Social Development & Research, Ranchi, ISBN- 87881-942601-3-4 Ethics In Modern Era Original Research Article
2022 SELF Vedanjali, ISBN- 2349-364X A Philosophical Point Of View On Applied Ethics 7.109 Original Research Article
2022 shabdarnav, ISBN- 2395-5104 The Philosophy Of Education:in The Light Of Aurobindo &Tagore 7.001 Original Research Article
Seminar/ Conference/ Symposium Details
Number of Seminar/ Conference/ Symposium attended : 22
Title of the Seminar/ Conference/ Symposium Organized by National/ International Duration/ From Date Duration/ To Date In India/ Outside India Virtual/ Physical/ Hybrid Received any financial support from any funding agency / agencies Chaired a session (Yes/ No) Abstract / Full-length Paper Whether peer-reviewed
C O N F E R E N C E ABDP National 14-07-2023 16-07-2023 In India Physical Yes Yes No Yes
S E M I N A R ISDR International 10-03-2018 12-03-2018 In India Physical Yes Yes Yes Yes
S E M I N A R ISDR International 08-04-2017 10-04-2017 In India Virtual Yes Yes Yes Yes
C O N F E R E N C E ABDP National 13-10-2017 15-10-2017 In India Virtual Yes Yes Yes Yes
Research Project Details
Title of the Project Research Projects completed, submitted or ongoing Funding Agency Value of the project (Amount) Year of Submission
Purano me Paryavaram- Sanrachnam Evam Parvarniya Naitikata Completed UGC, ERO, KOLKATA Rs. 91000 10-11-2012
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