Faculty Profile


Full Name

Dr. Sarita Kumari




Assistant Professor


M.A. Ph.D.

Published Books
• भारतीय राजशास्त्र के निबंधकार
• कौटिल्यः भारतीय राजनय का एक अध्येता
• आधुनिक अन्तर्राष्ट्रीय राजनय और कौटिल्य
• भारतीय राजनीतिक चिंतकों का चिंतन
Edited Books
• मानव अधिकार
• राष्ट्रवाद
Edited Journal - 2, Journal for Social Development
• More than 25 research papers presented and participated in different International and National Seminar and conferences.
• More than 15 research papers published in different pear Reviewed and U.G.C listed Journals.
• More than 5 contributed chapters in different books, based on Social, Political and Cultural issue.
• More than 07 lectures delivered as a resource person in different courses and different International / National Seminar.
• Coordinator in National Seminar on Nationalism organized by I.S.D.R on dated- 27-29 June 2020.
• Successfully completed 1 orientation and 4 refresher courses.
• Life time membership of I.J.P.S.
• Life time membership of I.A.W.S. ( Indian Association for women's studies).
• Coordinator and member of different committees of the college like- Women's cell, Cultural committees, Placement cell, I.Q.A.C. etc.
Ph.D Research Guidance
• 02 - Awarded
• 02 –Submitted
• 04 – Ongoing
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