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Dr. Shweta Singh




Assistant Professor

Level of Guidance & Teaching

UG, PG and Research Work


M.A. Ph.D.

Career Profile
Teaching Experience in Years Area of Specialisation
20 Years Teaching :International politics And Int. Law Research : Personnel administration in public undertakings: A case – study of coal India ltd.
Research Guidance : M.Phil. /Ph.D. /D.Sc. /D. Litt
Name of Research Scholar Registration No. & Date Topic of research work Present Status (No. of Ph.D. awarded /ongoing)
1. Prashant Jayvardhan JP0013025 Panchayati Rajya me manav adhikar aur media ki bhumika Awarded
2. Prachi Verma JP0013039 Role of social media in political awareness with special references voting rights Awarded 2023
3. Mukesh Kumar 0442443/16 Jharkhand me sarwa shiksha abhiyan ki vartaman stithi (medini nagar ki vishesh sandarbh me ) Submitted 26/07/2021
4. Deepti Paul Surin 189567/16 Jharkhand ki rajneeti me Arjun Munda ki Bhumika : Ek vishleshnatmak adhyayan Submitted 24/09/2021
5. Poonam Jarika 189598/16 Grameen vikas mein panchayak ki bhumika : matkobera panchayat ke sandarbh mein Submitted 24/09/2021
6. Ranjeet Kumar Panchyati raj vyavastha or Jharkhand mein panchayat chunavo ka tulnatmak adhyayan (2010-2022) Ongoing
7. Neha Kumari Jharkhand ki rajniti me Shibu Soren ki bhumika : Ek vishleshnatmak adhyan Ongoing
8. Satish Kumar Mahatma jyotiba phule ke rajnitik samajik vichar : ek visheleshnatmak adhyan Ongoing
9. Hrishikesh Singh Jharkhand ki rajniti me bhartiya rashtriya congress party ki bhumika : ek visheleshnatmak adhayan Ongoing
10. Sweekriti Kumari Jharkhand me kinner samuday ki samajik tatha aarthik stithi ka vishleshnatmak adhyan : ranchi zile ke vishesh sandarbh me Ongoing
11. Aditi Shreya Right to education and girl child with a special reference to urban Ranchi : an analytical study Ongoing
12. Vivek Kumar Dynamics of India’s soft power foreign policy:With special reference to India UAE relations Ongoing
13. Jyotshna Kumari Ekshwi shadi mein mahila sashaktikaran mein udhmita ki bhumika : Ranchi nagar nigam ke vishesh sandarbh me Ongoing
14. Vijya Kumar Mishra 602033080445 Politics and Administration Awarded 2010
Books authored /Edited / Co-Author Chapter in Book
Name of Books Subject Sole or Co-Author ISBN Date of Publication Name of Publishers
Bharat me samajik nyay: yatharth or chunaoutiya Political Science Co- Author 978-93-82353-02-7 Feb. 2012 SK publishing company
Personal administration in public undertaking a case study of coal india limited Political Science Sole 978-93-84686-33-8 2016 Institute for social development & research
Bharat- Pak sambandh (indira kal) Political Science Sole 978-9.3-84686-44-4 2016 Institute for social development & research
Human rights & duties Political Science Sole 978-93-84686-43-7 2017 Institute for social development & research
Sustainable and environment Public administration Co- Author Rapid book service Lucknow
India a land of diversity Political Science Proceeding March 2023 Ongoing
Number of Research Papers published in Journals/Periodical
Sr. No. Title with page number ISSN Name of Journal Date of Publication
1 Role of panchayti raj institution (PRIs)in PDS/TPDS of Bihar page no. 69 to 75 0996-231X Ratna grabha research journal of social sciences of humanities Vol: 6No:2 March2010
2 Naxalism: genisis . growth and linkages page no. 38 to 44 0996-231X Ratna grabha research journal of social sciences of humanities Vol:9 No.1 Sept. 2012
3 Aatankwad : sanyukt rashtra ke liye ek chunouti 0975-0142 Journal for social development vol: 8 no. 4 Oct- dec.2016
4 Concept of social justice and the poor 2320-9283 International journal for social development Vol:4 essue. 4 Oct- dec2016
5 Word bank/IMF and India construction of good governance: a comparative view 0975-01420 Journal for social development UGC approved journal Vol:10 no.2 Apr- jun. 2018
6 Is AFSPA justified in Jammu and Kashmir 2320-9283 International journal social development Vol:9 Issue 2 Apr- jun.2021
No. of seminars / conferences / workshop attended / organised
Sr.No. Seminar / Conference Date of Participation National / International
1 Recent trends in ecological research in India with focus on Jharkhand 17-19-nov. 2008 National
2 All India oriental conference 02-04-jun. 2010 National
3 Higher education in Jharkhand “ scope & challenges “ 19-20 dec. 2010 State
4 Hindi sahitya mein dalit chetna: sampratik dasha evam disha 22-24 feb 2012 International
5 Social justice in India : reality and challenges 25 -26 feb 2012 National
6 Good governance – issue, challenges and prospectus 12-13 may 2012 National
7 Indian foreign policy in the changing word: concept & context 29-30 sept. 2010 National
8 46th session of all India oriental conf 01-03 oct. 2012 National
9 Future of parliamentary democracy in India sponsored by ICSSR new Delhi 07-08 dec. 2012 National
10 Preparing research paper tool & techniques 12 may 2012 State
11 3rd national conference on “ man and management” 11-12 dec. 2012 National
12 Social changes & policy issue with particular focus on scheduled castes and schedule tribes 21-22 feb, 2014 National
13 Democratic decentralization and Panchayti raj 25-26 apr, 2014 National
14 Foreign direct investment in retail sector: challenges and opportunities 13-14 feb, 2015 National
15 Indian democracy : challenges in the 21st century 11-12-dec, 2015 National
16 Moulana Abul Kalam Azad’s political and educational thought and its relevance in the present times 20-21may 2016 National
17 9th international seminar on good governance 23-25 apr, 2016 International
18 National seminar on tribal society of India 18-20 feb, 2012 National
19 9th international seminar on good governance 23-25-apr 2016 National
20 10th international seminar on human rights 22-24-oct, 2016 National
21 Rashtriya sangishthi aadivasi ki moulik pehchan 18-19-nov. 2017 National
22 Faculty development program kalinga university 26-02 feb, 2019 State
23 ICSSR sponsored two- day national seminar on “India’s glorious heritage: continuity and changes” 23-24 mar, 2023 National
No. of FIP/refresher courses/summer trainings attended/organised
Date Period Venue
08/01/2009 to 04/02/2009 26 days UGC – Human Resource Development Centre Ranchi University, Ranchi
04/03/2011 to 24/03/2011 21days UGC – human resource development centre Ranchi university, Ranchi
30/09/2012 to 20/10/2012 21 days UGC – human resource development centre Ranchi university, Ranchi
04/11/2014 to 24/11/214 21days UGC – human resource development centre Ranchi university, Ranchi
07/11/2019 to 20/11/2019 14 days (two weeks) UGC – human resource development centre Ranchi university, Ranchi
14/02/2023 to 27/02/2023 14 weeks (two weeks) UGC – human resource development centre Ranchi university, Ranchi
Any other academic, administrative and socially relevant contributions/consultancy and awards
• Organized cultural program (UG & PG)
• Organized cultural program(UG & PG)
• Anti-ragging , eve teaching discipline and vigilance committee.
• Women’s grievance and redrissal.
• Member of research committee.
• Member of purchase committee.
• Member of NAAC steering committee.
• Conduction of students union election.
• Admission and examination in charge UG&PG.
• In charge of the departmental academic co-curricular committee.
• Member of cultural teem committee.
A. I am editor of per- reviewed referred research journal- resonance – national journal of social and behavioral science ISSN no. 0975-0142.
B. Chairperson.
C. Resource person.
D. Conducted 126 online classes during pandemic period for the benefits of students and society.
E. Participated webinar.
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