Draft Policies for Suggestions from all stakeholders of Ranchi University


Ranchi University is governed by the Jharkhand Universities Acts and Statutes 2000. Time to time, regulatory bodies (UGC, NCTE, Bar Council Etc.) issues directions, which is to be followed by the university. In addition to above statutory regulatory directives issued by the competent authority to manage and maintain quality in the Higher Education Ranchi, University is committed to create its own policies to make the university contemporary and relevant in the landscape of Higher education.

Sl. No Name of the policy Justification No. of Page URL
1 Policy for financial support to teaching staff to attend conferences, seminar, workshop, symposia, FDPS, Research Works and Membership Fees To promote researchers to participate in their respective forum 1-4 View
2 Policy for Seed Money Grant for Research and Development To encourage young faculty members to wards new research 1-5 View
3 Policy for Junior Research Fellows (JRFS), Senior Research Fellows (SRFs), Post-Doctoral Fellow Awardees, Research Associates, and Other Research Fellows Enrolled in Ranchi University This policy will regulate the young JRF and other research fellows working in the different departments 1-4 View
4 Policy on Consultancy To encourage faculty memebrs in academics with financial sharing of the resources by the institution 1-9 View
5 Policy for IPR To encourage and make aware about the IPR and Patenting of innovations and innovative research 1-3 View
6 Policy for incentives to faculty Members and Staff To promote quality research and its publications in the form of books and research journal 1-6 View
7 Policy for IT and ICT In view of Industry Revolution 4.0 and IT and ICT policy of the university is imperative. 1-23 View
8 Policy for E-Governance After COVID-19 pandemic and use of online teaching and fast digitalization of institutions e-Governance is imperative 1-4 View
9 Legal Policy Legal policy of the institution is essential to deal with day to day arising legal issues. 1-3 View
10 Policy for Promotion and Performance Appraisal System for Faculty Members of Ranchi University Government has implemented in all the institutions promotion policy which is a Performance Appraisal system. 1-4 View
11 Policy of Value-Added Courses To increase skill among the products of the RU 1-4 View
12 Policy for Outcome Based Education To improve the learing outcome of the students 1-22 View
13 Policy for specially abled friendly environment To create an ambience and support specially challenged persons 1-4 View
14 Policy for Green Campus To encourage and make aware about the importance of green earth for future generation 01 View
15 Rule and Regulations for Utilization of Library To regulate the usage and management of libraries of the university 1-6 View
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